Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect the Crime Rate in Saskatoon During 2021?

March 30th, 2021 | in Life Safety
Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect the Crime Rate in Saskatoon During 2021?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to the world and impacted us in ways that were not predicted. COVID-19 has and continues to affect economics, politics, crimes, social interactions, and government operations.

There has definitely been some effects on crime rates, although it is difficult to draw conclusions without more time passing to study the issues. Lockdowns have likely caused some types of crimes to go down, but the effect of being locked down has caused other types of crimes like domestic violence to increase. However, statistics usually lag behind the reality, so it’s hard to say definitely--yet. Also, studies on trends in crime tend to focus on much larger cities like Toronto or Vancouver.

In 2020, crime had increased in Saskatoon from the year before, and this was attributed to gang-related crime. And at the start of the pandemic, commercial crime such as robbery and theft was increasing in most big cities. However, as lockdowns have increased, and the public perception of the need to stay home has been internalized, robbery and theft of businesses has decreased.  In most cities, however, lockdowns have caused in increase in sex crimes and domestic violence.

Most provinces in Canada have all kinds of rules now to minimize travel, a large percentage of employees work from home, and the ability to dine out or gather with friends is limited. All of these things create downward pressure on the crime rate, however, bad or worsening economic conditions are related to an increase in crime. Overall, Saskatoon, with a population of about 270,000 has one of the higher crime rates of bigger cities in Canada. Fortunately, the economy is starting to recover, and with the increase in those being vaccinated, economic recovery should continue.

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