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by Carleen Geisler November 26th, 2017 | in Business Security

One of the most popular targets for thieves is a business. The hours are posted on the front door, basically telling them when there will be no one present. Many business areas become ghost towns at night, with little street traffic and few lights to illuminate those with bad intentions. There’s also nothing really strange about seeing an official-looking van pulling up the back door of a business and emptying the store at night time. A good thief, with enough confidence to tell anyone asking that he’s being paid to empty the store, can get away with anything.

Another problem for businesses isn’t the crime element, but the general day-to-day protection of the store. One business might have old pipes, or dangerous electrical work, and the chance of a fire or flood increases exponentially. In a townhome or apartment, leaky pipes become noticeable to the neighbours, increasing the chance of it being stopped before any real damage happens. In a business, when everyone’s gone, who’s there to notice something bad happening?

Setting the Alarm

This is why Honeywell Alarm Systems are a necessity for any business owner. Commercial alarm systems provide protection for the business owner, whether it is small or large, and allows the person to sleep safely, knowing that there are eyes on their commercial enterprise.

For example, Scan-Tech’s 24/7 ULC alarm monitoring combined with Honeywell’s LYNX Touch wireless security provide amazing protection. The business owner locks up for the day, activating the business alarm and securing their company. As they drive home, Scan-Tech is monitoring their business and they’re able to see exactly what’s going on as well, using the LYNX Connect App on their phone. They’re never separated from their business and there’s always someone watching.

If you own commercial property or a small, medium, or large-sized business, and are looking for ways to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build, come and talk to us at Scan-Tech Alarm Systems. We can set you up with everything you need to make sure you feel protected and secure.

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