We won the 2016 Circle of Excellence Award!

by Jacqueline Cyr November 11th, 2016 | in Residential Systems, Business Security, Life Safety, Smart Homes

Hi everybody. We’re here in Hollywood, Florida. Marc and I are attending the Honeywell Authorized Dealer Conference, CONNECT 2016!


We’re learning a bunch of stuff about the new Honeywell products coming out:

  • Third party software and companies that they’re dealing with like SkyBell,
  • August locks and Z-Wave locks,
  • Videos where you can monitor your videos,

And so much more. We’re learning a lot.

I was motivated to attend CONNECT 2016 by numerous seminars we attended at CONNECT last year. From the information gathered in the sessions, we have reached out to several companies to help us with our rebranding, social media, software, and even our phone systems. The next hot item to work on is DIY.

I also want to point out that attending the sessions at CONNECT is just the starting point. It is really what you do with all of the knowledge gained when you return to your business. From there, you need to engage your employees, your local resources, and your local Honeywell team. For us, Brain Baldo has been a critical piece. Thanks, Brian!

This year has been a big year for rethinking and adjusting our company’s direction. We are seeing results and anticipating more success as we continue to market and build on lessons learned from CONNECT. 

connect 2016.

Well, we’ve had the honor of being awarded the 2016 Circle of Excellence. With this award, it’s presented in recognition of dealers that display quality service and have been embracing the Honeywell Authorized Dealer Program. We’re very fortunate to be recipients of this.

honeywell award

This is what we got. It’s a great honor for us to be part of the Honeywell Authorized Dealer Program. It’s a great honor to receive this since we’ve only been in the Honeywell Authorized Program for one year, and to already receive this is great honor to us. I’d like to thank Roger because he’s a great part of this. He’s helped us out, and to you, all our customers, that you are there faithfully for us all the time, and to the potentially new customers. If you guys are looking for new technology, getting rid of your phone line, wanting to have alarm systems ...

The phone lines through cellular, through WiFi, you want to do a more connected home or a connected business, then get out of the analog home and let’s get into that digital home.

We are your dealer. We are the ones to talk to. Give us a call. Our number is 306-922-4848, or check us online at scantechalarms.com. 

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