What Was the Crime Rate in Saskatoon, SK, in 2019?

by Cynthia White February 25th, 2020 | in Residential Systems
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According to the 2019 reports filed by police officers and investigators, it appears that Saskatoon needs tight and solid security because of numerous criminal offenses noted in the city.

Some of the criminal misconduct did decrease about two percent in 2019. Robberies and car theft decreased.

But, some other more serious crimes increased. Sexual assaults and fraud went up, and they also increased nationally as well.

The national homicide rate is higher compared to the last 10 years.

In 2019 violent crimes decreased slightly in Saskatoon. This includes car theft and robberies, but sexual crimes went up.

The reports indicate that Saskatoon had more than ten homicides in 2019.

Saskatoon investigators said that the number was fifteen after some deaths which were caused by overdoses.

Last year Canada’s homicide rate decreased by three percent. Police reported around 600 homicides in Canada 2019.

According to the report given by investigators and innovators, it shows that Saskatoon has a lot of crimes because of racism and poverty. Cultural minorities, ethnicities, and racism cause poverty and stagnation in this city.

Lack of good housing, quality education, together with the psychological health difficulties of Saskatoon folks causes the crime rate to go up every year.

Discrimination based on gender, religion, or race increases the crime rate and limits access to important services and essential needs.

Individuals need money to pay their bills. Poverty is always a complex problem with no easy answer. However, there is a strong correlation between poverty and crime. Programs to address poverty will likely help to decrease the crime rate.

Asset building is another useful factor that can reduce the crime rate in this city. Folks need an opportunity to accumulate wealth in some fashion and develop themselves to support their families and themselves. Better education and training leads to better job outcomes.

In the meantime, getting a good alarm system can help to prevent all kinds of crime that is directed at you and your family.

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