Where and when do break ins happen?

by Jacqueline Cyr March 21st, 2017 | in Residential Systems

We usually think of a burglar as a man in dark clothing with a ski cap or hoodie that stalks neighborhoods in the darkness of night. Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries do not occur at night. They happen while you are at work- in broad daylight! However, burglars will always sense opportunity- day or night, and the summer nights present other opportunities for burglars. The weather is fair to warm, and many homes might leave a window open to keep the house cool, or simply forgot to close it before going to sleep.

The warm summer months of July and August are when burglars strike most. You may be on vacation or simply away for the day. Or perhaps you left the front door open while gardening or engaging in other summer activities. And another startling fact about home burglaries is that most intruders enter through an unlocked front door. In any of these scenarios, it is important to be prepared and protect your family and home from intrusions.

Another thing to consider is that burglars often look for signs of activity. If it looks like nobody is home, they simply break in through a door or window. So if you are on vacation, a security system can protect you from home burglaries. And even if you are at home, a security system can protect you from violent break-ins.

If you are at work for the day, or on vacation, a home security system can add a shield of security to keep you safe from criminals. Today’s technology allows you to arm your alarm system if you are away, and even if there are family members still in the house.

Keep your home and family safe and secure this summer by installing a home security system. Whether it is day or night, or if you leave for vacation, it is always important to secure your home. Scan-Tech Alarm Systems in Saskatoon and Prince Albert can help you to secure your home and keep your family safe.

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