A Heat Sensor Can Save Your Home - And Your Life

A Heat Sensor Can Save Your Home - And Your Life

Sensors have been a vital part of home safety for decades. We have included a number of safety detectors, including motion detectors,  smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These are all important for life safety, but another, more often forgotten sensor, can be the difference in saving your home - and your life. This is a heat sensor.

What is a  Heat Sensor?

A heat sensor, sometimes also called a temperature sensor, does as the name implies, it senses heat. This is not a device to let you know how hot it is outside, or whether it is time to turn on the AC or water your lawn, instead it is a life safety device to act as an additional guard against a house fire. Many house fires, especially when they first begin, may not emit high amounts of smoke. Traditional smoke detectors work by sensing the smoke particles present in the air. If a fire breaks out, but has little smoke, this is where a heat sensor is vital, as it can give an early warning.

Where Should it go?

You will want to place heat sensors in areas that are at higher risk of fire, or where smoke is more likely to be trapped or not present should a fire break out. ideal locations for placement of heat sensors include basements, boiler rooms, kitchen, garage and attics.

Heat sensors allow for a quick response should a fire break out. Having advanced warning can allow you to take immediate action, and this could mean saving your home, or even your life. If you do not have heat sensors, make sure you add them today.

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