Heating control and water leak detection in my security system?

by Carleen Geisler July 26th, 2018 | in Life Safety

When many people think of home and business security systems, they have a very simple image in their heads – one central control pad that can only be activated from within and a couple of cameras that slowly move side to side, watching the area around the building.

That image couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern security systems, such as the Honeywell Lyric Systems, are capable of controlling and monitoring almost every part of your home or business.

Lyric Systems provide almost complete home automation. The wireless connecting platform doesn’t tie your security system to one room, or one control pad, but allows you to move and control everything with a single tap to your tablet or smartphone. If you want to double check that you’ve locked the garage while you’re sitting in a restaurant, you can do that.

remote control alarms

Heating control is a very important part of home automation. Anyone living in Saskatchewan knows how hot it gets in the summer. Most people just set the air conditioning on high and keep their house as cool as possible. But with heating control, you can keep the air conditioning on low during the day, when no one’s home, and have it get cooler when you’re coming home. It’s a great way to save energy.

Water leak detection may be one of the best options with the Lyric Systems. One huge fear for any home owner is that when they aren’t home, something starts leaking and damages everything around it. A burst pipe, a disconnected washing machine, or even a leaky dishwasher could end up causing thousands of dollars of damage if you’re not home and not there to turn off the water. Lyric Systems has sensors that can read any leaks and warn you before they get out of hand.

So for the best security system on the market, come and see us at Scan Tech Alarm Systems and we’ll show you how to protect your home or business.

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