How is a Smart Home a Safer Home?

by Cynthia White May 28th, 2022 | in Smart Homes
How is a Smart Home a Safer Home?

Smart homes are lauded for their efficiency and automated convenience, but do they make our homes more secure?

We'll answer these questions and more in this blog post on a how smart home is a safer home.

Connectivity With Other Devices

One of the main benefits of smart home security is connectivity with other devices. By having a connected smart home system, homeowners can easily automate many security features like turn-on lights, activating door locks, adjusting thermostats, and more.

Remote Viewing

Having a security camera is one of the most common forms of security. However, without a remote connection, these cameras only provide a small fraction of their intended benefits.

With a smart home security system, residents can view recorded data or live feeds of their security cameras from anywhere. Whether you are at work or on a vacation, a remote smart home system ensures that you have complete security control from anywhere.

Smart Devices Protect Against Natural Disasters

Wildfires and floods are becoming much more prevalent throughout British Columbia. Additionally, the threat of an earthquake or frozen pipes is always looming.

To prevent these potential catastrophes, many smart home systems offer an array of home security features to alert homeowners at the first sign of danger. Smart devices can detect early signs of temperature changes, CO2 emission, fires, or flooding and can help you react faster.

As you can see, smart homes are not just for convenience. With more and more security products featuring smart connectivity, the need for smart home security is paramount.

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