If I Have Door & Window Break Detectors, Why Do I Need Motion Sensors?

by Cynthia White July 23rd, 2020 | in Life Safety
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A motion detector is a piece of equipment that is installed in houses to detect unauthorized movement in restricted areas. The security device is used in residential and commercial properties, as well as on military and industrial premises. They are part of an overall security system adding an extra layer of protection. They are useful because if someone breaches your doors or windows undetected, that person will be sensed by the motion detector.

There are different kinds of motion detectors designed by manufacturers today. Motion detectors for residential and commercial applications are designed with convenience and personal security in mind. Motion sensors for commercial properties are manufactured to protect business premises and assets.

Motion detectors have become more sophisticated, and they can work with smartphone applications for remote activation.

There are two main types of motion detectors: passive and active.

Passive sensors use infrared power to determine if changes in temperature occur within a particular area. If the temperature changes, the scanner senses the change, and an alarm will sound and/or you would be alerted on your computer or smartphone.

Active sensors rely on radar that produces radio waves. When the wave detects a movement, the sensor produces an alarm.

A motion detector can be wireless or wired.

Wireless sensors are easier to install, cheaper, and very common in our dynamic world. With a wireless motion detector, you can have remote and professional monitoring to ensure that someone is keeping an eye on your building.

Wired detectors are hard-wired into the security system, and they are not vulnerable to attacks on a WIFI network.

Here are different types of motion sensors:

* Intruder alarms:

These type of alarms are used in government, business, and residential properties. The sensor detects a criminal when he has entered a premise.

* Entry lighting:

This sensor detects incoming cars at the gate or within the parking areas. It can also sense entry into a room.

* Security lighting:

Security lights work closely with the intruder alarms.

Motion detectors are an important part of a larger security system.

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