Make Sure Your Smoke Alarm is in Good Order Before Christmas

November 30th, 2021 | in Life Safety
Make Sure Your Smoke Alarm is in Good Order Before Christmas

As the calendar shifts to December, Christmas lights, decor, and holiday meals all begin to take over the home. However, before you start planning your Christmas plans, it is essential to test the smoke alarm.

Taking proper precautions with your smoke alarm can protect your valuables and your loved ones from a devastating fire this holiday season. Christmas trees and lights are a common cause of home fires, and without a smoke alarm, your home is vulnerable.

Christmas Lights Are a Dangerous Fire Hazard

One of the most beloved holiday decorations is also one of the most common fire hazards. The electric wiring in Christmas Lights can crack and overheat. Even if you opt for LED lights, leaving Christmas lights on for an extended time creates a fire risk.

Christmas Trees Can Dry Up and Catch Fire

Christmas trees are another traditional decor that doubles as a fire hazard. Christmas trees need water consistently, as they dry out very quickly. When paired with overheated Christmas lights, the combination is a recipe for disaster.

Avoid These Fire Hazards With an Effective Alarm System

There is a long list of things you need to take care of during the holidays, but don't overlook the importance of checking the smoke alarm. Having a working smoke alarm means your family is protected from fires.

Fires do not stop because of the holiday season holidays. If you are planning to set up Christmas decorations, it's critical to have a smoke alarm installed in your home. Contact us if you need professional assistance.

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