Should I Get Flood Sensors for my Prince Albert Home?

by Cynthia White October 29th, 2020 | in Life Safety
Should I Get Flood Sensors for my Prince Albert Home?

Flood sensors are useful for preventing damage when flood disasters happen at your home. Flood damages are not only a nuisance but very expensive to repair. It only takes twenty-four hours for mould to develop in water-damaged places, so it is crucial to repair breaks as swift as possible. Flood sensors are a good idea to add to your home security system.

Causes of floods

There are numerous causes of home flooding which include artificial and natural causes. Artificial causes occur due to plumbing problems, pipes bursting, or when a faulty water heater fails. Natural disasters include heavy rains, flash floods, and mudflows. Seventy per cent of floods are due to leaking and water heaters failing.

The work of flood sensors

  1. Water sensors are fixed near appliances such as your washing machine and hot water heater.
  2. When overflowing is identified, a flood alarm signal is transmitted to the home alarm panel.
  3. When water is noticed on the alarm, an alert will inform you through a text or a call.

-It is good to have flood insurance for your home.

-You should always ensure that all plumbing, water heaters, pipes are working smoothly and check them on a frequent basis.

-If a natural disaster occurs, if possible, try to seal the perimeter of your house with waterproof materials that will prevent damage.

-Come up with an emergency plan for the family’s safety.

-You can also install automatic shut-offs for the main water valves in a home that would be activated if the flood monitoring system sounds an alarm.

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