What is Home Automation?

by Jacqueline Cyr January 2nd, 2017 | in Smart Homes

Home Automation allows you to have total control of your home right from your home computer or smart phone. You can customize control of every aspect of your home systems, adjustable for any lifestyle or budget. Honeywell products offer you solutions for your thermostat control, lights, locks, blinds, outdoor lights, security medical alert and more – and easily controlled remotely.

home alarm automationThe Honeywell Z-Wave® thermostats can be set to automatically adjust each time you arm or disarm your security system. You can set it to adjust with the seasons, or the time of day, and with remote access, you can term up the temperature so that it is exactly as you like it when you walk in the front door. Lighting settings can also be controlled the same way – helping you to create energy savings by turning off lights and turning down temperature when you don’t need it.

Your security system and cameras can also be controlled remotely, and outdoor lights can be coordinated to turn on as someone approaches your home. Your SkyBell Wi-Fi video doorbell allows you also remotely monitor who visits your home. The device is equipped with night vision, a wide-angle camera and silent doorbell mode that will ensure that you are always secure.

Other home features that can be added into your home automation system are your window coverings or shades, allowing you to raise and lower them from hard to reach places, or automatically at certain times of the day. Ceiling fans and all home entertainment systems can be integrated into your home automation system. Locks can be controlled remotely – you never have to worry about your kids losing their keys are being locked out of the home. And with home security cameras at your entryway, you can verify that your kids aren’t bringing home friends afterschool before you decide to unlock the doors. You can view any room in your home from another room, with a Honeywell home automation system.

With home automation, the possibilities are endless. Contact us at Scan-Tech Alarms so we can ensure that you will always feel safe in your home.

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