What is the most efficient way to use surveillance cameras for security?

by Carleen Geisler February 24th, 2018 | in Video Surveillance

Using security cameras is a very effective way of deterring crime and protecting your property. Most home and business security experts highly recommend installing cameras in order to combat the rising wave of crime that is spreading across Prince Albert and all of Saskatchewan.

But what is the most efficient way to use surveillance cameras? Here are a few tips to make your security system work better for you.

Make your cameras visible
Many people make the mistake of hiding their cameras from plain sight. Unfortunately, that removes the ability for the cameras to act as deterrents. Home or business owners want to place their cameras in obvious, easily seen locations. This way the potential thieves will see the cameras and move on to another location.

Security Camera

The proper locations
There are two things to consider when placing cameras. First, what the camera is shooting at. Although you may have the ability to cover every centimetre of your property with cameras, if you’re not shooting the right areas, the system may be useless. An easy way to do this is by aiming cameras at access points first – doors, windows, and garages. Second, make sure you have camera coverage in the darker, hidden areas. Backyards, back alleys, and well-covered sections of your property are places where criminals go first.

The second thing is to make sure you’re getting a good picture. Don’t aim cameras into sunlight, which will obscure the picture. Avoid tree branches and other foliage. Don’t aim the camera straight down, leaving you with a picture of the top of the thief’s head. Shoot from the side so you can get their profile.

If you’re looking to have security cameras installed on your property, come and talk to the experts at Scan-Tech Alarm Systems. We’re experts at setting up a system that’s the most efficient and effective you can buy.

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