What to Do If Delivered Packages Keep Getting Stolen?

by Cynthia White August 30th, 2020 | in Video Surveillance
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Are you stressed about your delivered packages keep getting stolen? In this blog, there are amazing package theft solutions to lessen the probability of your items from being stolen. This is the high time to take measures to reduce and stop package theft. Here are great 5 tips to secure package delivery.

1. Track the package:

If you suspect your things have been stolen, you should check your purchase confirmation email. You will get a tracking number that you can use to track the items. You may click this button or number, but at other times you may copy this number and enter it on the site of the shipping company.

2. Check if your friends or neighbours saw it:

If you’ve confirmed that the thing was delivered, check at your neighbour. Sometimes neighbours will take delivery of something if you are obviously not home. If your friends or neighbours don't have the package, they may know where it is.

3. Contact the retailer or seller:

If your package is missing, contact the retailer or seller that sold it to you. Different companies have different terms and conditions for handling stolen things, but the buyer is commonly entitled to a replacement or a refund.

4. File a claim with the shipping business:

If your items are missing you could take the step of filing a claim with the shipping company, especially if you aren't making headway with the seller or retailer.

5. Have your packages delivered to your office or workplace:

One of the great ways to reduce package theft is to have your items delivered to your workplace. This leaves no opportunities for thieves to steal your things because someone is always available to receive and sign for something during business hours.

6. Install a camera to cover your front door.

Surveillance cameras may get a good photo of the thief, but they are also excellent crime deterrents.

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