Will Social Distancing Improve Business Security?

by Cynthia White May 31st, 2020 | in Business Security
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Exactly how social distancing will affect business security is a complicated question. In this blog we will discuss our view of the subject and why it's too early to draw far-reaching conclusions.

Social distancing

The obvious effect of social distancing means that for the next while, most business will have fewer employees together at the office and fewer clients (if any) coming to the office or store.

Retail stores have to limit the number of people in the store. In that sense, it will likely be easier to watch what people are doing and limit theft of inventory.

However, many businesses and stores may have employees working at home, and the business may not be open for regular hours. We already know that there has been an increase across Canada in break-ins on commercial properties, exactly because these commercial properties are closed more.

Cyber threats

Another risk for businesses is cyber crime. With many more people working from home, not everyone has the best network security protocols in place. This is one risk for business.

There is also a heightened risk for cyber crime because of the general public fear of COVID-19. Many cyber criminals are taking advantage of this fear with numerous phishing schemes that are disguised as information on COVID-19 from various health authorities.

Individuals who are thirsty for information on COVID-19 are quick to open emails about new information on it, letting down their guard. 

Our advice

Our advice is not to let down your guard. We don't think that having fewer people in the office will significantly improve business security. We anticipate new and different threats that none of us have encountered before.

The general economic hardship and unemployment across the country may encourage individuals to turn to crime. We suggest upping your security rather than relaxing and sitting on your laurels.

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