Are Alarms Effective in Rural Areas of Prince Albert & Saskatoon?

by Cynthia White January 28th, 2021 | in Residential Systems
Are Alarms Effective in Rural Areas of Prince Albert & Saskatoon

Being out in a rural area can make homes more susceptible to break and entry theft. Usually, these houses have no line of defense if the homeowners are not present. This makes them a juicy target to burglars. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that alarms are highly effective for preventing theft in rural areas such as Prince Albert or Saskatoon.

Pairing alarm sensors with cameras around your entire property as well as professional security monitoring can give you around the clock protection from theft at a fraction of the cost.  Whether asleep or at the market, security alarms provide peace of mind to property owners. With operators ready to call dispatchers at a moment’s notice, any unusual activity will be dealt with promptly.

If you are considering purchasing an alarm system, here are two ways they add invaluable protection to you.

Motion Sensor Detection Activity to Deter Theft

Setting up motion sensor alarm devices is an effective strategy for warding off intruders. When someone walks by and activates the motion sensor, the alarm shines bright lights and will generate a loud noise.

Placing these alarms near valuable property acts as the first line of defense when you are not present. They can be set to go off any time the area would be unguarded. When they are activated, their effect often scares would-be burglars away before they can get close to anything valuable.

Video Monitoring Around the Property

Alarm systems also protect you through video monitoring. This can help you discover if it was an animal that activated the alarm, or a person. Moreover, even with a slew of motion sensor alarms, there could still be areas of your property unprotected from vandalism. That is where video monitoring comes in. With the use of a few cameras, you can have your whole property monitored.

By working with a professional monitoring company, your home is never left unwatched. With certain mobile apps provided by companies, you can also lock doors, turn on/off the alarm, and control the lights from anywhere if you use the app.

If worse comes to worst and people break in anyways, installing video surveillance and alarms still helps out. That is because it is constantly recording activity throughout your entire property. This can be used as proof of goods stolen and also provides valuable evidence to the police in their search to catch the criminals.

These alarms alone may not stop theft from occurring, but they certainly can help. An alarm system goes a long way in adding protection, proof, and peace of mind. With how often remote properties in places like Prince Albert and Saskatoon are targeted for burglaries, you are putting yourself, your family, and your assets at risk by not having an alarm system.

For over 25 years, Marc and Jacqueline Cyr of Scan-Tech Alarm Systems Ltd. have helped to keep people and properties safe in Prince Albert and its surrounding areas.

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