Residential Systems

Residential Systems

Scan-Tech Alarm Systems Ltd. has been serving Prince Albert, Saskatoon and central Saskatchewan for over 25 years. As  local dealers for the Lyric Controller for Residential Smart Home Alarm Systems, their experience and knowledge of the business helped their clients find personalized solutions to protect homes and families against burglary, fire, flood, and much more.

Since every home has unique security and safety needs and challenges, we at Scan-Tech Alarm Systems have developed over the years an extense body of knowledge about the reality of residential security, that extend from the minutiae of smoke and CO2 detectors to the ins-and-outs of smart homes, WIFI security systems and home video surveillance.

These blogs draw from that knowledge and they are aimed at answering your questions, providing useful tips and making sure the right information is in your hands.

Which are the Most and Least Safe Neighborhoods in Saskatoon?
by Cynthia White September 16th, 2021 | in Residential Systems
Thinking about moving to Saskatoon? Perhaps you already live and Saskatoon, but are thinking about moving to a different home.
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The short answer to the question in the title is probably. An outdoor security camera will certainly keep your deliveries safer than without a camera. There are no guarantees that the deliveries will be 100 percent safe, but outdoor security cameras
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Can a Smart Home System Help With the Heat Wave? The short answer to the question is yes, a smart home system can definitely help with the heat wave. Here is how.
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As a result of COVID-19, many people are both working remotely from home and looking to reevaluate their expenses. While doing so, it may seem logical is to cut down on home security, considering many homeowners are spending the clear majority of the
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The 2020 Prince Albert Crime Rate
April 28th, 2021 | in Residential Systems
The crime rate in Prince Albert during 2020 showed some interesting trends that are not unlike the trends shown in other cities during the world COVID-19 crisis which began in early 2020. Overall, violent crime was slightly down, but sexual assault
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Why Would I Need an Alarm System in an Apartment Building?
by Cynthia White February 27th, 2021 | in Residential Systems
Tenant safety is a top priority in an apartment building. If tenants don’t feel safe there is a high probability of incurring huge losses in your rental business. Alarm system leads to an increase in security and higher tenant satisfaction in an ap
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Unfortunately, many people do not realize that alarms are highly effective for preventing theft in rural areas such as Prince Albert or Saskatoon. If you are considering purchasing an alarm system, here are two ways they add invaluable protection
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