Residential Systems

Residential Systems

Scan-Tech Alarm Systems Ltd. has been serving Prince Albert, Saskatoon and central Saskatchewan for over 25 years. As  local dealers for the Lyric Controller for Residential Smart Home Alarm Systems, their experience and knowledge of the business helped their clients find personalized solutions to protect homes and families against burglary, fire, flood, and much more.

Since every home has unique security and safety needs and challenges, we at Scan-Tech Alarm Systems have developed over the years an extense body of knowledge about the reality of residential security, that extend from the minutiae of smoke and CO2 detectors to the ins-and-outs of smart homes, WIFI security systems and home video surveillance.

These blogs draw from that knowledge and they are aimed at answering your questions, providing useful tips and making sure the right information is in your hands.

What is Involved in Installing a New Home Security System? Whether You go DIY or Professional, It Is Crucial That You Follow These 3 Steps.
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What Are the Benefits of Using a Professional Home Security Installation and Monitoring Service? Read this blog to find the 2 biggest advantages.
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Proper Winter Maintenance of Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors can ensure that the device is working accurately and effectively. Learn more here.
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Where Is Best to Display Your Security Stickers? Placing signs near your doors and windows can prevent break-ins. Learn more here.
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How Often Do I Need to Test a Security System? That depends on your system and the type of alarm. We suggest testing at least once a month. Learn more.
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Switching Alarm Providers
October 10th, 2022 | in Residential Systems
Switching alarm providers is not as complicated as you might expect. At Scan-Tech Alarms, we make it easy to switch from your current provider to our premium system. We provide a switch-over service that takes care of everything for you.
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How Can I Get Free Alarm Monitoring? Read this article to learn two easy ways to get free alarm monitoring in Prince Albert.
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