Can a Smart Home System Help With the Heat Wave?

July 31st, 2021 | in Residential Systems
Can a Smart Home System Help With the Heat Wave

The short answer to the question is yes, a smart home system can definitely help with the heat wave. With the help of monitoring, alerts, and the operation of windows and window treatments, a smart home system can help you minimize the heat in your home, maximize the cool air, and also help you plan ahead. Here, below, is how a smart home system can help:


It is possible for smart home systems to control the opening and closing of windows. During a heat wave, you want your windows closed during the hottest part of the day and also closed when the sun is facing the windows.

Similarly, once it is cooler outside than inside, windows can be opened remotely or preprogrammed to open when a certain temperature threshold is reached.

Window Treatments

A smart home system can control window treatments. During a heat wave, window treatments should be closed when the sun is shining on a window. Once the temperature drops outside, and/or the sun is no longer shining on a window, window treatments can be opened remotely or automatically.


A smart home system can tell you the temperature in different rooms or on different floors and the temperature outside. The system can also alert you if temperatures exceed a preprogrammed number.

Planning Ahead

By alerting you of excessive temperatures, the smart home system can help you plan ahead. Maybe you will want to sleep in a room on a lower floor while the heat wave is in effect. Maybe you will want to change a garden or yard or watering routine because of excessive heat. The smart home system will make many things about living in your home easier because the system will keep track of things like temperature so you don’t have to.

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