Does remote monitoring lower insurance costs?

Remote monitoring is an amazing service that Scan-Tech Alarms offers to effectively protect your home from any kind of threat, such as burglary, fire, or flooding. Very simply, remote mointoring services allow you to check on your home from anywhere in the world, using only your smart phone or computer, and keep you up-to-date with everything happening on your property. We can install it so that’s it’s effective and you can relax, knowing that your home is well-cared-for.

But what about insurance? Does a remote monitoring system help lower your insurance rates?

Most Canadian insurance providers, whether it be the big banks, nationwide insurance providers, or smaller companies, offer discounts for homes or businesses that are equipped with alarms and monitoring systems. Many offer discounts for a security system and another for a fire alarm. Since many remote monitoring systems offer both, you could potentially save even more money by combining the two.

Home Monitoring

Active security systems tend to lead to bigger discounts as well. Remote monitoring systems are always active, as you, a family member, or even a company like Scan-Tech that provides 24-hour monitoring, are continually watching over your home or business. Some insurance companies may not give a discount for an unmonitored system, so the switch may also save you some money.

Finally, since most monitoring systems combine security cameras, complete control over the security system, plus monitoring of all the thermostats and water valves, you may qualify for more discounts by adding more systems. Insurance companies may offer discounts for cameras, or discounts for water pipe monitoring, and that could benefit you.

If you’re interested in getting more information and seeing how you can protect your home and save money on your insurance, come and talk to us at Scan-Tech Alarm Systems. We can show you the incredible home monitoring systems we have to offer.

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