How Skybell Can Protect Your Family

by Jacqueline Cyr September 20th, 2016 | in Residential Systems, Smart Homes

If the doorbell rings late at night are you afraid to open the door? More often than not, we are already aware of who is coming to the door before they arrive. As we have become a society that relies on text, social media and phones to communicate, many busy Canadians are finding their doorbell is ringing less frequently. So when your doorbell rings unexpectedly, a home automation system in place with a Skybell option can give you peace of mind – know who is at the door before you open it.

Home automation integrated with your security system is a way to feel safe and protected within your own home. Lights turning on when you enter the room, locks locking on a timer, and security cameras with a real-time feed to your mobile device are just a few things that a home automation system can do.

skybellA Skybell Wi-Fi video doorbell works with Apple and Android ios devices and can be set so that a motion sensor triggers an alert, even before the doorbell is touched. The device is equipped with night vision, a wide-angle camera and silent doorbell mode that will ensure that you are always secure.

A Skybell device added to your home security system is one way for you to monitor who visits your home. No solicitors at the door, or late night salespeople without you seeing who they are first before you decide to open the door. You can feel safe about leaving your older children or elderly family members home alone, knowing that they have the added comfort of seeing outside the front door before opening it. Your Skybell also can have a speaker feature, and the option of video phone-call, enabling the person inside your home to directly communicate without compromising their safety by opening the door.

At Scan-Tech Alarms, we care about you and your property. Our staff can help you with your home automation and security systems to ensure that you will always feel safe in your home.

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