Is your Alarm Company local?

Is your alarm company Local to your area? 

In the summer time we sure can expect the Alarm Door Knockers. We hear time and time again “We would tell them we are not interested and they would not leave”. Why is that you ask? 

Most times they work on commissions and need your sale to meet their quota. Are they interested in what you have to say, apparently not?

So what happens when you need service, will they be there for you?  Probably Not.

You install an alarm at home to protect your family and your property and possessions. Nothing is more precious than family, your home you’re your precious possessions that can never be replaced if it's stolen. Shouldn’t you invest with the best local company to give you absolute peace of mind?

A few things to consider and ask when you do get that knock at the door:

  • Is the monitoring ULC (Underwriter Laboratory Certified)
  • Is it monitored in Canada?
  • Other than a yard sign do they supply window stickers for the rest of your home to show you’re safely monitored by their company
  • What happens when you have a false alarms? 
  • What is their relationship with the local Police?
  • If you need service will you have to wait?

scan tech securityAs a local Prince Albert Alarm Systems company with local services in Saskatoon and nearby areas, we have over 24 years of serving Saskatchewan residents and businesses. We’re super passionate about our clients. 

We’d love to talk about your home and business security concerns and needs, our advice is always free and the service we offer is second to none!

Call us today and let’s make sure we’ve got you covered.

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