Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 2021 Crime Rate Report

February 28th, 2022 | in Residential Systems
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 2021 Crime Rate Report

The Prince Albert Police releases monthly crime reports detailing the crime rate and change compared to the previous year. The report provides helpful information to residents in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan so that they can prepare themselves and take necessary precautions to avoid or reduce criminal activity.

What Crime Rates Are Falling?

The most noteworthy crime rate change for us is that attempted murder, homicide, assaults, and kidnapping are all going down. This is great to see, and it shows how proactive and effective police measures are.

Across the board, the Prince Albert Police Service has reported a decrease of 3% in violent crime, which certainly goes a long way in making Prince Albert a safer place to live.

What Crime Rates Are Rising?

The latest crime report for 2021 published was in November, therefore we will be using that for reference. The most significant year-to-date change for the crime rate in Prince Albert was Motor Vehicle theft. Additionally, theft for possessions over $5,000 is also on the rise.

It is very concerning to see that property crime has increased by 23%. Any possession that is not properly protected is at a higher risk than ever in Prince Albert.

How Can I protect My Property?

There are a few ways that you can protect your possessions from theft. The Prince Albert Police Service recommends installing a security system, registering your belongings, and reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

When it comes to the most effective means for security from theft, it comes by installing CCTV surveillance cameras. They help deter criminals from acting carrying out crimes and they are incredibly valuable if any crime does occur.

For over 25 years, Marc and Jacqueline Cyr of Scan-Tech Alarm Systems Ltd. have helped to keep people and properties safe in Prince Albert and its surrounding areas.

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