The 2020 Prince Albert Crime Rate

April 28th, 2021 | in Residential Systems
The 2020 Prince Albert Crime Rate

The crime rate in Prince Albert during 2020 showed some interesting trends that are not unlike the trends shown in other cities during the world COVID-19 crisis which began in early 2020. Overall, violent crime was slightly down, but sexual assault remained the same as the year before.

Property crime went down, significantly, about 20 percent. However, buried in those statistics is the fact that commercial crime actually went up significantly or about 30 percent. We can explain those numbers because more people stayed home and were working from home, which deterred criminals from breaking into residences. However, since many business offices were empty during the day, criminals instead targeted businesses for break-ins.

As expected, drug-related crimes were way up about 20 percent higher than the year before. This is in line with the increased rate drug overdoses, we are seeing across North America. This trend can be explained because those using and abusing drugs have been having considerable less support during the pandemic. Access to help is more difficult, and many programs have been closed. The black market moving drugs, however, is working almost as well as it did before—under the radar.

Traffic violations were slightly down in 2020, not because people drive more safely but because there were just few drivers and vehicles on the road.

Security systems are as important now as they ever were. The need for security systems in commercial locations has just increased. Until the economy recovers, there will be continued increased theft as desperate individuals look for anything to steal and sell.

What we see in Prince Albert is similar to rates in other Canadian cities. Crime has not disappeared during COVID-19, in Prince Albert or anywhere else.

For more information, visit the Prince Albert Police website: https://www.papolice.ca/december-2020-monthly-stats/

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