What are Lyric Systems by Honeywell?

by Carleen Geisler March 26th, 2018 | in Residential Systems

As technology improves and makes things easier, it was only natural to see a company use those advances to make home security monitoring simple, easy to use, and safer. This is what Honeywell has done with their new Lyric system. They have found a way to connect your home to one central system and make your life simpler.

The simple 7” touchscreen allows you to do everything you want with a swipe of a finger. It’s intuitive and well designed, with the user’s needs and wants kept in mind. From this tablet, you can control everything in your home: thermostats, cameras, lights, locks, and all your security. It also offers the option of voice commands – instead of pressing a button, you tell Lyric what to do.

lyric alarm systems

Lyric is designed to work with all the sensors around your home and communicate that information to you, no matter where you are, through your smart phone or tablet. For example, Lyric’s sensors are programmed with a water leak detection sensor. Instead of coming back from a holiday to find out that a pipe burst, your phone tells you that a leak is developing. You can call for a repairman, open your home remotely (all while watching them work in your house through the cameras), and have everything fixed before you get back.

Lyric offers heating control as well. No more wasting energy heating or cooling your home all day when it’s not needed. Every summer, homes in Saskatchewan waste millions of dollars on their energy bills by blasting the A/C all day. Now Lyric can turn it on and off, depending on who’s there.

So if you’re looking for a remote security monitoring system that does much, much more, come and talk to Scan-Tech Alarm Systems. We’re experts in the installation of the Lyric system and we can turn your home into a safer, smarter place.

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