What Happens to my Security System If I Move to a New Home?

by Cynthia White January 30th, 2020 | in Residential Systems
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No matter where you live, everyone moves once in a while.

In most cases, a home security system is "portable". Moving without your security plan or without anticipating a new one can put you and your property at risk. But the answer to the question in the title of this article, "what happens to your security system when you move?" is "it depends."

Shifting to your new home with your security service intact will keep you and your entire family secure and safe, but it depends on what type of security system you have.

With your security service at your new home, you protect your new residence, and you may have some of the new home automation technology available.

You will have to discuss your options with your security service provider. Some security service providers will charge a "moving" fee. Others don't.

Also, if you have sold your home, you may have in the sales contract to leave hard-wired equipment as-is in the previous home.

However, if you are paying a monthly fee for a contract, you will have to see what the contract says. In all likelihood, you will want a security system in the new home, but you may need some new equipment even if the monthly monitoring is portable.

If your security consists of equipment that you have installed yourself, you may be able to just take everything with you and set it up in the new location.

There is no one right answer to this question because it depends on what kind of security system you have and what if anything you are paying to a third party.

Wi-Fi-enabled cameras can work anywhere--they are not specific to one residence. 

Anticipate the need for a battery backup if your power goes off due to a storm or accident.

We recommend that you give some thought to your new home and how you will manage your security before you move. You will not want to be without a security system for a long time while you're setting up in a new place.

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