Why do you need a Home Security System in Saskatoon or Prince Albert

by Jacqueline Cyr September 27th, 2017 | in Residential Systems

Why do you need a Home Security System? There are many varied answers to this question. Here are the best reasons we can think of.

Let’s get the worst of the answers out of the way first, thanks to Statistics Canada. Saskatchewan has the worst violent crime rate of any of the 10 provinces, and the worst property crime rate as well. Saskatoon has become a permanent fixture on the list of worst city crime rates as well.

Not wanting to scare you too much, it should be noted that all of those rates are going down every year and the province and city are much safer than they were 10 years ago. However, it’s still not really where a home owner wants those numbers to be. So a Home Security System is an excellent investment to protect your valuables and your family.

Studies have shown that when a home security system is present, and the number of systems in a neighbourhood increases, the crime rates go down and the number of robberies decreases as well.

Saves money
Check with your home insurers to see just how much a good security system can lower your insurance rates. You could end up saving more money than you’re actually spending for your monthly fees.

Remote Checking Home Security

Also, a home security system usually allows you to control your home remotely and watch over any potential problems. For example, you can control the thermostat, ensuring that your air conditioner isn’t on full blast when no one’s home. Sensors can also watch over your gas or water lines, alerting you if there’s a problem and saving you from having to pay tons of money in repair bills.

At Scan-Tech, we’ve been helping families feel safer and more secure for 25 years and we can install the best and most up-to-date system for you and your home. Come and talk to us and you’ll see just how much better you feel when you have a Home Security System in place.

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