Why Would I Need an Alarm System in an Apartment Building?

by Cynthia White February 27th, 2021 | in Residential Systems
Why Would I Need an Alarm System in an Apartment Building?

Tenant safety is a top priority in an apartment building. If tenants don’t feel safe there is a high probability of incurring huge losses in your rental business. Alarm system leads to an increase in security and higher tenant satisfaction in an apartment building. This blog lists the top six benefits of installing an alarm system in your apartment or apartment building.

If you are the apartment owner, then whether or not you can install a security system may be governed by the building or the HOA or strata.

  1. Protects tenants from criminals: By installing a powerful alarm system in your building you will be able to control several areas of your structure. If you are the apartment owner, then you can protect your assets in your own apartment.
  2. Alarm system prevents stress related to repair expenses: A non-secure apartment is hard to follow up with damages and theft caused by criminals or reckless tenants. When there is a security system in place, there is a better record of damage and security breaches.
  3. You will have the ability to record evidence: Alarm systems in a complex help to record evidence of any criminal activity that has taken place. This becomes helpful in case police need factual evidence. With the help of an alarm system, you can depend on the first-hand information from the security system. The same is true if you are the apartment owner.
  4. Alarm system improves your apartment value: A secured complex is highly preferred compared to non-secured buildings. A security system for an individual apartment also improves property value.
  5. Detects fire: One crucial benefit of an alarm system is to detect fires in an apartment. In case of a fire outbreak, the alarm system can notify the fire department. If you are not around this notification can save the belongings of the tenants, building, and your own apartment.
  6. Prevent attacks: Installing a security system in your apartment prevents potential attacks from criminals. Alarm systems are strong deterrents for the individual apartments as well as the whole building.  

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