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IN Prince Albert & Saskatoon The threat of crime is real.

home securityIn 2017, according to the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Saskatchewan had the fourth highest crime severity index among the provinces and territories in 2017. Saskatoon’s crime severity index of 115 in 2017 led the country. In Prince Albert, total property crime violations were 3,526, up slightly year over year and there was a total of 727 breaking and entering violations, an increase of 24%.

Studies have shown that burglars prefer to avoid homes protected with monitored home alarm systems. There are many things you can do to prevent burglary, and one of the most important is to install a home security system.

At Scan-Tech Alarm Systems, we are passionate about ensuring that your home, loved ones, and valuables stay safe. We’re dedicated to the idea that you deserve to be safe in your home through an advanced security system, professionally monitored 24/7, and backed up by outstanding service and customer care.

As a Honeywell Home Authorized Dealer, you can count on Scan-Tech Alarm Systems experts to customize a system for your home and budget with the best and most reliable home security technology available today.

Residental Security Video App on iPhoneEasy to Use

  • Keypad – From a brilliant, full-color touchscreen, you can control your security system, home automation functions and more
  • Mobile App – Get instant notification and control arming/disarming, lock and unlock doors, control thermostat and lights, all at the touch of a button on your mobile device. Programmed smart scenes make it easy for you link devices together, maximizing comfort, energy savings and security

Professional Monitoring

  • Internet / WIFI communicator – provides back-up communications for 24/7 central monitoring
  • Cell communicator – transmits emergency signals to professional monitoring station 24/7 via independent cellular data network

Intrusion Detection

  • Motion Detector – Strategically placed sensors detect movement in your home in the event of break in
  • Door and Window Sensor – These sensors detect when a door or window is opened during a break in.
  • Glass Break Sensor – detects a possible intrusion through the sound of breaking glass

Life Safety

  • Smoke Detector – alerts emergency services of a fire whether you are home or away (read more on Life safety)
  • Carbon Monoxide – protect you and your family against the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO), an odorless and silent killer. (read more on Life safety)
  • Key Fob with Panic Button – Control your system or call for help with these convenient, handy remote-control devices

Two way wireless home alarm sensorsAwareness

  • Video Surveillance – Keep an eye on your home with indoor and outdoor wireless WIFI video cameras via our app – (separate page on residential video surveillance)
  • Low Temperature – alerts you when temperature falls in the home, giving you time to react and prevent frozen pipes and potential damage
  • Flood Sensors – Detect leaks early helping prevent significant damage to home and property
  • Smart Home – Make your home smarter, simplify your life and enjoy the world of home automation – Learn How
  • Health and Senior Safety – Help you or a loved one maintain an independent life

Did you know?

- why do you  need motion sensors, even when door & window break detectors are installed?

- why will you need new security strategies after COVID-19?

- what happens to your security system if you move to a new home?

Check up all that and more in our blog section, including our article on the need for unique, custom residential security systems

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